Internet Ban Returns to Manipur Amid Protests: Examining the Situation in India’s Northeast


The northeastern state of Manipur in India has once again found itself in the midst of an internet shutdown. This decision by the authorities comes in the wake of protests and unrest in the region. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the internet ban, its impact on the local population, and the broader implications for freedom of expression and communication in Manipur.

The Return of Internet Shutdown:

The government of Manipur recently decided to reimpose an internet ban in certain parts of the state, citing concerns related to law and order. The move follows protests and demonstrations over various issues, including alleged human rights violations and demands for political reforms. Internet shutdowns have become a recurring strategy by authorities in the region to control the flow of information during periods of unrest.

Reasons Behind the Ban:

  1. Maintaining Law and Order: The primary reason cited for the internet shutdown is to maintain law and order. Authorities argue that social media and online communication platforms can be used to incite violence or spread misinformation during times of unrest.
  2. Security Concerns: Manipur has experienced long-standing security challenges, including insurgent movements and conflicts. Authorities often resort to internet shutdowns as a means to prevent communication among militant groups.
  3. Government Response: Protests in Manipur have, at times, demanded political reforms, transparency, and government accountability. Internet shutdowns can impede the organization and dissemination of information related to such movements.

Impact on the Local Population:

Internet shutdowns have a wide-ranging impact on the local population in Manipur:

  1. Disruption of Daily Life: The ban disrupts essential services such as online education, healthcare information, and e-commerce. Students, in particular, face challenges in accessing educational resources.
  2. Economic Consequences: Businesses, especially those reliant on e-commerce, suffer financial losses during internet shutdowns. This can further strain an already fragile economy.
  3. Limited Access to Information: Citizens are deprived of access to news, social media, and communication platforms, limiting their ability to stay informed and connected with the outside world.
  4. Impact on Freedom of Expression: Internet shutdowns raise concerns about freedom of expression and information. Restricting access to the internet can be seen as a limitation on citizens’ rights to express their opinions and access information.

Broader Implications:

The recurring use of internet shutdowns in Manipur and other parts of India raises broader concerns:

  1. Freedom of Expression: Internet shutdowns can infringe on the fundamental right to freedom of expression, a concern voiced by human rights organizations and advocates.
  2. Economic Impact: These bans can have detrimental effects on the local economy, particularly in regions where online commerce and digital services are growing industries.
  3. Long-Term Solutions: Instead of relying on internet shutdowns, efforts should be made to address the root causes of protests and unrest, emphasizing dialogue, transparency, and conflict resolution.


The return of the internet ban in Manipur highlights the ongoing challenges of balancing security concerns with the fundamental rights of citizens, including the right to access information and express their views freely. As protests and political movements continue in the region, it is essential for authorities to consider alternative approaches that respect these rights while addressing the underlying issues contributing to unrest. Internet shutdowns, while a short-term measure, may not offer a sustainable solution to the complex problems faced by Manipur and other regions experiencing similar challenges.

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